Woodberry Farm

2179 Hiwassee Rd Sweetwater TN 37874 us




Our Philosophy

Woodberry Farm is a 93 acre historic, family farm located in Sweetwater, Tennessee, 8 miles east of Highway 75.  The farm was born out of a strong desire to raise our three children closer to the earth, learning an appreciation for nature and agriculture. We wanted our children to learn skills that would help them care for the land and provide healthy products for themselves and other families. In teaching our children, we have found that our philosophy is to raise only livestock that we would be happy to serve at our own table. We accomplish this by feeding our livestock a natural diet, ranging on pasture. Our animals are never given growth hormones or feeds treated with antibiotics. We use a rotational grazing system that ensures our livestock are getting optimal grasses and nutrition. They always have ample, fresh forage and drink cool, clear spring water. In winter, they remain on pasture and are supplemented with hay from our own land and natural feeds. We believe that happy, healthy livestock makes the best, most delicious meat for your table.  Other non-meat products produced here on the farm are produced with the same ethics and responsibility.