About Our Cattle

In our opinion, the heritage Dexter breed is the perfect small farm breed. Often referred to as the "mini Irish cow" they are tri-purpose. Their small size and amiable dispositions make them easy for even children to handle.  

The main thing that attracted us to the Dexter is their meat quality. It has excellent flavor and superior marbling for the tastiest cuts on earth!  Despite their small stature, Dexters typically dress between 55-65% of their live weight producing about 500 pounds of meat by 24 months.  

The second characteristic that made us fall in love with Dexters is their 4% butterfat milk. The fat globules in Dexter milk are very small, similar to that of a goat, which makes the milk more easily digested. Often, people who normally can't drink milk can enjoy Dexter milk. The cream separates easily for making dairy products such as butter and ice cream.  

Last but not least in the tri-purpose line up is that, although small, they are often trained as oxen. They have incredible strength that belies their size. They learn quickly and retain their training very well.

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