Here at Woodberry farm, we like to do things in a thoughtful, deliberate way. When choosing the animals and breeds we wanted to raise, there where specific ideas and goals in mind first. Then, we set about finding breeds that met those goals. One of our biggest priorities is to raise our livestock naturally, on pasture, yet still have to most delicious, tender meat. Thus, excellent forage conversion is at the top or our list. When we began learning about the Idaho-born Polypay breed, we knew we had found exactly what we where looking for. A most prolific, dual purpose breed, Polypays excel on pasture, produce multiple births, are excellent milkers and their mothering abilities are top notch. We also love that our ewes breed out of season which allows us to provide meat to our customers on a more frequent basis. Their nice, medium quality wool makes them a dual purpose animal. 


We have registered Polypay breeding stock available for
purchase or 4-H lease. 

Woodberry Farm

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